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Hello and Welcome to our about page. We love introducing ourselves to new friends and re-connecting with old friends. If you would like to find out more about us, our mission and our vision we would love you to book a discovery call with our founder and project manager TJ (Tim) Cheux

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TJ's Story

Tim or TJ Cheux was called to spiritual ministry after beginning his career in inner-city London as a teacher. His experiences working with poor and marginalized communities, as well as affluent ones, activated his deep empathy for all kinds of struggles we face as humans in our modern culture. We all crave spiritual connection and moral guidance, whether we are rich or poor, rural or urban, and regardless of our cultural or ethnic background. As a teacher, he saw this truth in his travels everywhere from Istanbul, Rome and Paris, to cities closer to his own backyard, like Bristol, Bath, Manchester, and Liverpool.

Answering the call to ministry, he has served as a youth pastor, ecumenical missionary, college campus pastor, high school chaplain, and more. Tim has a Masters in Divinity from General Theological Seminary in New York City and a Masters in Education from the University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. Tim has certification in chaplaincy, coaching, spiritual direction and mental health first aid.


Tim is a marathon runner, with 14 completions so far, and a win at the 2020 Atlantic City marathon. Athletes embody the sacred call to integrity, dedication, and effort, which is why Tim has developed a unique ministry for athletes to balance physical and mental training aligned to their spiritual path. His Free and Fit CLT chapter serves athletes with coaching and spiritual formation.

Tim resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife Liza. In addition to his work as a chaplain to students, athletes, and the elderly, he also pastors at a quaint country church just outside Metro Charlotte. With so much experience in pastoral ministry and spiritual direction, he also offers one-on-one coaching for secular and spiritual needs to a variety of clients. 


If you’re looking to change your life and grow closer in your walk with God, book a 15-minute discovery call to see how he can serve your needs. 


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