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What is Free & Fit Community?

Free & Fit Community, is based in the Charlotte Metro Area. Our mission is to Share the Love of Jesus by building community through Sports, the Arts, Outreach & Service.

Our group meets monthly at our home in Charlotte and once a month in the City as a Run Club. We engage with local Businesses, Colleges, Churches and Non-profits to build community with youth, young adults and all ages. Our aim is to make friends, build community and to share the miracle of kindness in our local community.


What Is the Free & Fit Community program?

In line with the Free & Fit mission of building community through Sports, Outreach, the Arts and Service the Outreach program includes the First Friday Outreach meetings, the Alpha course, monthly Sunday meetings, outreach and community based events including walks, swimming, mini golf, supporting foodbanks, cleaning up local non-profit businesses and sports coaching. 

What are the Free & Fit Special Events?

Th Free & Fit community program has been created to reduce loneliness through Sports, the Arts, Outreach and Service. Our monthly special events will focus on this mission and vary dependent upon different locations.  Past events include movie nights, tubing, bowling, pizza nights, sports days, summer camp and a host of outreach community building events throughout the next academic year.

When will events happen?

The Program will run January 2024 through to June 2025. In different parts of Charlotte with the First Friday Outreach, the Alpha course, community based events and occasional preaching engagements.

How can I get involved?


To join our events, volunteer or get involved email us at to discuss in more detail your interest, availability and support.

Youth and Adult Waiver Signature Form:





Follow us on Instagram and Twitter as: @freeandfitnyc

Email us at: 

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