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When are we going? We have some flexibility to shift the dates a few days in either direction,
but we are considering Friday, November 2 – Sunday November 4.

Where are we staying? Since December 2017, Monteflores Presbyterian Church in the
Santurce neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico, has been housing volunteers in La Casona
de Monteflores.  The building is located on the Presbyterian Church premises.

What are the living arrangements like? Sheets, towels, and pillows will be presented on our
arrival.  La Casona de Monteflores has living arrangements for 12-13 people (2 bunk beds each
w/ full size on bottom, 1 single bed, and 7 folding cots).  The facility has a living room, kitchen
area, three bedrooms, four showers, two toilets, a roof terrace, and a washer and dryer.  There
is no air conditioning, but they do have fans and it is usually breezy and cool.  Please keep in
mind that power and water services may be lost during our stay.

What are some things to bring? Water bottle, lunch box, sunblock, mosquito repellent, first
aid, hat, sunglasses, gloves and protective glasses.

Will meals be provided? La Casona makes sure that the house is stocked with snacks and
food for breakfast and lunch.  Dinners are prepared by people in the community of Monteflores
and members of the church.

What should we expect for service projects? Service projects will vary as time passes but
will be catered to the group’s skills and wishes.  Projects have included painting homes and
buildings, delivering groceries in the community, cleaning debris, and structural repairs.  La
Casona tries to keep a work and free time balance during the trip and show volunteers the
culture and beauty of Puerto Rico.

What are the costs? We are anticipating the cost of the trip to be about $1000 per participant,
including airfare, housing, meals, rental van, service projects, and any personal expenses while
there for the week. This number is dependent on airfare at time of booking.

When is the deadline to sign-up? The deadline for signups will be September 25 or whenever
we reach 13 participants. We will need a minimum of 5 participants to make the trip happen!


How do I signup? Please contact Tim Cheux at or 201-774-4133 for details about the Mission in more detail contact Kathy Millstein at or 201-638-

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