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Faith & Fitness London April 2013 - December 2016

Dear all,

Welcome to the Faith and Fitness website and our new six week blog as I look to wind up all our activities in London. Today we are announcing our final terms dates, our venues, weekend away and I personally wanted to update you on what we are doing.

The Vision of Faith and Fitness is to welcome brothers and sisters of Christ into discipleship to share God's word and to shape God's people to be more like Jesus Christ. So often people in sport seek guidance on how to balance, work, life and training in sport. The ethos of this group is to provide discipleship for people who participate in sports, from levels of all abilities, to be able to speak freely about their faith and fitness in a fellowship group. The group meet weekly at St Marks Church Kennington, formerly Seymour Leisure Centre and Hammersmith Squash and Sports centre. We meet to read a small passage from the bible, to listen to a talk, participate in sport and discuss the issues raised from the talk. The main emphasis will be instead of eating dinner, like in a normal small group, we will take part in a sporting activity.

My name is Tim and I founded Faith and Fitness in April 2013 whilst worshiping at Holy Trinity Brompton. Whilst attending the pastorate leaders weekend away I was working with, now Priest in Charge at Bournemouth HTB Plant, Tim Matthews and Esther Jones (now Smith) who very kindly connected me with then head of the Fitness Fiasco and Stretch Pastorate Colby Hanks. With the help of my then pastorate leader Sophie Hemphill we then initiated new fortnightly sports sessions at Seymour Leisure Centre in Central London that were to be called Faith and Fitness. Below you can see our very first session with Colby, Sophie, Emmanual, Andy, Lucy, Rebecca, Jess and myself.

Today I just want to encourage you to join us for one of our final Faith & Fitness sessions; check out the dates below.

Faith and Fitness Double Sessions at St Marks Church:

Monday Nights follwoing series on the Fruits of the Spirit

Meet at 7:45 at St Marks Church 337 Kennington Park Rd, London SE11 4PW

Monday 7th November -Discussion on Self Control - Run & High Intenisty Interval Training

Monday 14th November - Discussion on Faithfullness - Pilates & Tennis

Monday 21st November - Discussion on Goodness - Run & Circuit Training

Monday 28th November - Discussion on Kindness - Pilates & Tennis

Monday 5th November - Discussion on Love/Joy - Run & Circuit Training

Monday 12th November - Discussion on Peace & Patience - Run & High Intensity Training

Thursday Nights following Beatitudes series and Free & Fit Resources

Meet at 7:45 at St Marks Church 337 Kennington Park Rd, London SE11 4PW

Thursday 10th November - Matthew 5:10 - Pilates & Tennis

Thursday 17th November - Matthew 5:11 - Run & High Intenisty Interval Training

Thursday 24th November - Matthew 5:12 - Pilates & Tennis

Thursday 1st Decmeber - Free & Fit Discussion - Run & High Intenisty Interval Training

Thursday 8th December - Free & Fit Discussion - Pilates & Tennis

Have a great weekend.

Love and blessings


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