Free and Fit Challenge 2017 - Freedom in Lifestyle Choices by Tim Cheux

Fourth Year Anniversary of Faith and Fitness London

Free and Fit Course - Freedom in Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle Choices

The lifestyle we lead and the world we see can sometimes reflect different perspectives. The reality is that we all perceive the world to be different and the moment we open ourselves up to the world we expose ourselves. In fact some theologians would argue that when we see the world today we see it opposite for which we were created; the evil, not the good, of this world. When Adam was tempted by Eve to eat the apple from the tree of life it changed his and her outlook on life. That decision shaped his lifestyle choice. In fact he went from a welcomed member in the garden of Eden to being banished and becoming scared to face God covering himself and hiding in shame.

As humans we face conflict, battles, opinions, decisions and many different lifestyle choices. Sometimes even the littlest of decisions can alter our outlook on life a