Free and Fit Challenge 2017 - Freedom in Lifestyle Choices by Tim Cheux

Fourth Year Anniversary of Faith and Fitness London

Free and Fit Course - Freedom in Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle Choices

The lifestyle we lead and the world we see can sometimes reflect different perspectives. The reality is that we all perceive the world to be different and the moment we open ourselves up to the world we expose ourselves. In fact some theologians would argue that when we see the world today we see it opposite for which we were created; the evil, not the good, of this world. When Adam was tempted by Eve to eat the apple from the tree of life it changed his and her outlook on life. That decision shaped his lifestyle choice. In fact he went from a welcomed member in the garden of Eden to being banished and becoming scared to face God covering himself and hiding in shame.

As humans we face conflict, battles, opinions, decisions and many different lifestyle choices. Sometimes even the littlest of decisions can alter our outlook on life and change the course we are taking in life. On Saturday I saw a twister game for the first time. It was labelled lifestyle and, you know how twister is played, it caused me to think and reflect on the ways in which I approach life. The way we think and sometimes the circles of our thoughts can send us into a nervousness and even descend into self pity. Rather than the reality of what is ahead of us we worry, become anxious and fear we make the wrong lifestyle choices. Yet, we must remember three things that are crucial. Firstly, is it true ? Is it honourable? Is it kind? This process can reduce stress, build strong foundations in decision making and help reduce negative lifestyle choices.

The concept of a good lifestyle can also get entangled between a work and life balance. It is common for people to have a good job and bad life, or a good life and a bad job. The balance of the pendulum rarely balances both ways. We can sometimes seek counsel from our friends, our family and our respected esteemed work colleagues, but the outcome and advice we receive is not always what we want to hear. Instead, I personally turn in a different direction away from myself, from man and instead to God. I seek his advice and guidance through prayer and petition for which is the correct response. Often my lifestyle choices are made in my flesh and in my weakness I surrender to sin and temptation. Yet my intentions, my heart and my passion are to serve Christ through my lifestyle and the choices I make. The discernment between earthly and heavenly wisdom is clear in James and helps me to distinguish where I am personally in my lifestyle choices.

James 3 17-18 says the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sown in peace reap a harvest of righteousness. These words are strong; you need to be compassionate and submissive in your lifestyle choices, bit not to man, to God. Seeking his face and support in the process and the outcome is that if you sow in peace you will reap a harvest of righteousness. A fantastic outcome and what a wonderful lifestyle to lead, holy and pleasing to God.

About the Free & Fit Challenge

The Free and Fit course has been created to build strong social skills, charge healthy physical bodies and to instil a well balanced and sound mind. Participants who complete the full course over 12 months will learn how to work effectively with their team members to build strong values of power, love, and self discipline.

Free & Fit Vision

The vision of free and fit course is to engage, motivate, improve and hence find freedom in a physical and spiritual state. As such the freedom that leads to a peaceful heart; leads to a healthy body. The course is built upon the core value of learning together to be disciplined and motivated in our faith as well as our fitness.

Instructions for Group or Individual Facilitator

Select a sport and space where you want to exercise, book a date and time to meet and invite your friends!

  1. Before exercising ensure the space is safe and that no participants are experiencing any illnesses or injuries.

  2. Set up a structure of three different exercise routines which you can introduce, read and reflect upon the selected bible verses.

  3. In the welcome and warm up introduce the topic and ask the members what they believe the topic to mean.

  4. Read the verses in order before each exercise and ask the group to think about the verses during the three different exercise routines.

  5. Reflect on the verses and topic at the end of session during a warm down and discuss the answers to each verse and questions at the end of the workout.

Bible Verses: