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John Colquhoun runs 5k in Regents Park

London Faith and Fitness member John Colquhoun ran 5 kilometers today and continues to inspire and develop his fitness alongside his faith. John has previously done various charity runs, walks and hikes for worthy causes as he looks to use his faith and fitness to develop his physical, mental, social and spiritual well being.

John said "Today on Saturday 8th July 2017, I just easily finished my 1st running race. It was a 5km race on Regents Park. I've done a lot longer distance with hike race that were 24km & 48km. I managed to run it all without having to stop. A huge thanks to Faith & Fitness that gave me a huge nudge in the right direction as I look to become fitter. With the spiritual element of the Free and Fit course, I was able to avoid the vain and shallow world secular commercial fitness programs and focus on my personal relationship with Jesus Christ." John Colquhoun

Below you can see John in action running around the course.

Below this time John at the finishing line of the 5K Race in Regents Park.

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