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Free and Fit New York City Update

During the month of August Free & Fit New York City met four times. Twice to run and discuss an issue which we were seeking to find freedom in. This month we discussed Loyalty and the Unknown. Both meetings were attended by a total of eight members from our team as we chatted, prayed and worked through the issues finding some valuable solutions to our everyday life problems.

Outside of our usual events we also met to have pizza and attended a musical improv comedy sketch and caught up with each other on our current everyday lives. We will continue to meet in September with two events during the month and in October we are excited to partner with Trinity Grace Chelsea to launch a Sports Alpha course for the Fall season.

Above you can see a collection of some of our events and our members who have attended over the past eight months in New York City.

We are excited to say that we have had over twenty members attend our events as we look forward to welcoming more people in the fall season as we grow and expand our team. Our next event is at the Time Warner Centre on Monday the 11th September at 7pm, please do join us!

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