Free & Fit Challenge 2017 Course - Freedom in the Unknown by Tim Cheux

Free and Fit Challenge 2017 - Freedom in the Unknown by Tim Cheux The journey from one city to another can seem long, but when traveling over 5,000 miles, 7 hours by plane and all your personal belongings being shipped to you after your arrival it can seem even longer than you expected!

Liza and I next to Big Ben Westminster December 2016.

When Liza and I left the U.K. to travel to the USA we were entering a season of the "Unknown". Leaving behind us friends, family, secure jobs, church and established ministry partnerships we knew little of what laid on the path before us. Now, 8 months into our New York City journey, we have faced challenges in our faith, experienced discrimination towards our close friends, have been forced to withdraw from fundraising projects and even turned down full time employment to focus more on following God's call. The road has been hard, but the narrow path that leads us on is kind, redeemed and continues to create growth in our own spiritual lives as we explore more of the unknown.

St Marks Church Kennington, Liza and I being interviewed before our departure.

As Nicky Gumble explained in today's Bible in One Year "Many have given up a successful career, a high salary and – in the eyes of the world – all their prospects, in order to serve God in ‘full-time ministry’ with little or no pay. " Sometimes the future is unclear, uncertain and uncomfortable, but the Bible teaches us not to worry. (Matthew 6:34) Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Free and Fit London July 2016

However, as you and I know, following this heavenly wisdom is easier said than done! When reflecting on the "Unknown" it helps to break the word down into two parts. The "un" part can be more literally interpreted to be the unclear, uncertain and uncomfortable parts of the unknown. On the other hand, the "known" is more familiar, trusted and established more commonly we could relate to knowing God. So instead of being un-known the term could be broken down to simply "Un-God" and when we think of the term this way we can see the fear and doubt more clearly and it shifts our emotions and thinking to focus more on God and trusting in the one we know and love.

Free & Fit New York City Central Park

Scripture teaches us this through context of the Unknown a