Free & Fit NYC Update from Leader Tim Cheux

Summer Days are approaching the end and Autumn is upon us. As the leaves 🍃 fall and the nights become shorter our layers and accessories grow in number. Fall or Autumn 2017 is here and it represents a season of much joy and life as school and educational families alike gather momentum at the start of the academic year. This academic year for me brings new opportunities in coaching and ministry as Liza and I continue our pursuit of settling in the New York City metro area. I have been interviewing and discerning through different opportunities and waiting. If like me you are the praying type, you know this can be a difficult and challenging time. At the beginning of the summer Liza and I continued our ministry Free and Fit meeting at the new venue of the Time Warner Centre, 10 Columbus Circle where we have changing facilities and lockers. 

September Free & Fit NYC 2017

This enables us on an evening to attend sessions without worrying where to put our belongings. During the summer months we also had some more fun events where we had pizza and watched musical improv comedy. 

Nine months of Free & Fit NYC