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Free & Fit NYC / NJ Sports Curriculum 2018

Free & Fit NYC / NJ Sports Curriculum 2018. Branding, Aims and Objectives.

The Free and Fit 2018 Curriculum launches in New York and New Jersey in 2018 and we can’t wait to get started! With this in mind we wanted to share our unique brand image, aims and objectives for 2018.

Aim The aim of Free and Fit Sports Curriculum 2018 is to accept and welcome youth and adults into a small sports community. To transform, challenge and establish freedom in and through meditation and active exercise. Using reflection, discussion and exercise Free and Fit 2018 seeks to develop genuine authentic community, build friendships, provide access to a wide and varied professional network and reduce loneliness. Objective Free and Fit 2018 exists to welcome individuals in small groups to figure out how to overcome real life issues through an organized unique blend of contemplative reflection, discussion and active exercise. Using the Old and New Testament as a foundation we encourage individual or group exercise sessions to take place whilst reading verses and passages from the Bible to help us understand the issues we are wrestling with and for the reflections or discussions to open our hearts, bodies, minds and spirit to find answers and ultimately find freedom and the confidence to overcome our problems. Through following the Free 2018 & Fit Sports Curriculum 2018 for 12 months we hope you can find a positive change in your physical, mental, social and spiritual well being! Free & Fit Sports Curriculum 2018 (C) Copyright 2018 

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