The Free and Fit Challenge 2017 - Freedom in Distractions

The Free and Fit Challenge 2017 - Freedom in Distractions Blog by Timothy Cheux

Distractions surround us from when we awake in the morning to when we put our head on our pillows at night. As I write this now, I have procrastinated for 45 minutes eating, texting, surfing the web and asked for fifteen more minutes before we get started tonight. Knocked back by numbers, when really I know it’s not important as it’s the people we serve who matter not the quantity we see. The fruit of our labour sometimes determines our successes. How many, how much and how long will it be before the next gratification from social media, text messages, pay rises, promotions and elevations in social circles. We really strive to achieve at a rate which is beyond our capabilities and often put our health on the line to achieve such vein heights. The growth and development of life can distract us, the feeling of need to fulfil our full potential and the fear of under achievement often leaving us feeling demotivated and distracted from what we set out to do. Distractions are not just represented by technology today, but by friends, family and work colleagues. Often we seek to find human approval when really we seek a lot more. How can we gain perfection from an imperfect person? How can we gain approval from people who have no rank or authority to approve our dreams or ambitions? In the past you may have been denied your success due to distractions, we aim tonight to not distract you, but to redirect you back to where you belong. On a course which will keep you steady and enable you to achieve your goals. Pause. Think. Reflect. Let’s take a moment, pause and reflect on our dreams. Write down what you wanted to achieve before you ever sat your first exam, write down what were your dreams in your mid-twenties and now write down what were your dreams today. Pause. Think. Reflect. Now write down all your biggest achievements. These can be little or small. For me when I was a teenager winning the local papers book club collection and getting an Upper Second degree at University. The winning goal in the quarter and semi-final of the youth cup at school w