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Free & Fit Challenge 2018 - Beatitudes - Personal & Group Faith & Fitness Facilitation

Free & Fit Challenge 2018 - Beatitudes - Personal & Group Faith & Fitness Facilitation. 

In May 2018 Free & Fit Founder Tim Cheux launched brand new Personal and Group Faith and Fitness Facilitation.  

Tim, himself a seven time marathon runner, tennis, squash, track and field and soccer coach and personal trainer of over eleven years met with Free & Fit members Graham, Marie, Joe, Katy and Liza one to one studying the Beatitudes whilst training them through both Group and Personal Faith & Fitness training sessions.

What was the Free and Fit Challenge in May? Throughout May Tim has been working out independently and training others following a specific 3 x 10 and 4 x 20 sets and reps sequence. In between each set he has paused and recited aloud one of the Beatitudes from Matthew 5. 

Please can you give an example? Yes, sure for example one session’s verse was taken from Matthew 5 verse 9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

At the beginning, during and at the end of each workout Tim recites the verse from the day. 

Do you have any case study examples of Tims Free & Fit work? Yes our most recent case study is of Tims work with Katy Andres and her recent hike of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. For five weeks building up to the hike Tim trained Katie focusing on strengthening her legs, stamina and faith in the study of the sermon on the Mount. 

What did Katy think about working with Tim? Tim’s focus of meditating on scripture while training has been a great practice for me, helping align my mind in body in more full acts of worship. I’m incredibly grateful. 

How did Katy get on Climbing the Mountain? As we finally set off on the trail, my speed started off slower than the guys as my body was adjusting to all that weight. But a couple hours later, after trailing behind a bit, I caught my second wind and was somehow ahead of the guys by the time we reached the campsite at Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mt. Washington. The next day we woke up at 4:30 am and set off to climb the headwall of Tucks in 6 alpine pitches, roped together with our ice axes and crampons and then hiked up to the peak of Mt. Washington. 

What were the benefits of Tims training? Amazingly, I kept up the whole way and by the end of that 12 hr day of hiking I realized I had grown accustomed to a whole new speed of fast paced hiking that I didn’t realize I was capable of. It was an amazing experience and opportunity to worship God “from the high places”. Because mountain climbing can too easily become a false form of worship itself, it’s important for me to keep focused on Who I am worshiping and why I do it.  

Who can do the Free and Fit curriculum? Anybody! Whether you are an beginning, intermediate or advanced athlete you are very welcome! When does Free and Fit Meet? First Monday of the Month in July and August at the Highline Hotel at 7:30 and Saturday Mornings at Jefferson Coffee once a month. Join us when you can! All our events are on the Free and Fit NYC website . Join Tim at Free and Fit events by signing up to our events online here at our website 

About the Free & Fit Challenge The Free and Fit course has been created to build strong social skills, charge healthy physical bodies and to instil a well balanced and sound mind. Participants who complete the full course over 12 sessions will learn how to work effectively with their team members to build strong values of power, love, and self discipline. Free & Fit Mission To reduce loneliness through Sports, the Arts, Social Justice and Service. Free & Fit Vision The vision of free and fit course is to engage, motivate, improve and hence find freedom in a physical and spiritual state. As such the freedom that leads to a peaceful heart; leads to a healthy body. The course is built upon the core value of learning together to be disciplined and motivated in our faith as well as our fitness. Free & Fit Website: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter&Instagram: @freeandfitnyc Email: Freedom // Fitness // Fellowship Free & Fit Challenge © Copyright 2017 Free & Fit NYC/NJ © Copyright 2017 Free & Fit London © Copyright 2017 

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