Free & Fit Summer Camp - Tuesday 10th July 2018 - Schedule & Leaders by Tim Cheux

Free & Fit Summer Camp - Tuesday 10th July 2018 - All plans are subject to change.

Tuesday July 10th Schedule subject to change.

Groups: Middle School: London Senior High: New York Counsellors: Paris Camp Colour Day - White Camp Value Day - Peace/Patience What to Wear: Something WHITE

What to Bring: Cooler Bag, Hat, Sunglasses, Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Cash $20, Lunch for the Day, Snacks for the Day, Long Sleeves, Long Pants, Short sleeves & short pants, Waterproof, Towell, swimming wear, Flip Flops, Sneakers appropriate for walking / sports, a book to read and bio degradable gloves and trash bags. 

08:00 - 8:30 Welcome, Schedule for the Day and Expectations. Introduction of