Free & Fit Summer Camp - Wednesday 11th July 2018 - Schedule & Leaders - by Tim Cheux

Free & Fit Summer Camp - Wednesday 11th July 2018 

Wednesday 11th July. All plans are subject to change.

Groups: Middle School: London Senior High: New York Counsellors: Paris Camp Colour Day - Blue Camp Value Day - Kindness/Gentleness What to Wear: Something BLUE What to Bring: Cooler Bag, Hat, Sunglasses, Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Cash $20, Lunch for the Day, Snacks for the Day, Long Sleeves, Long Pants, Short sleeves & short pants, Waterproof, Towell Flip Flops, Sneakers appropriate for walking / sports, a book to read and bio degradable gloves and trash bags. 

08:00 - 8:30 Welcome, Schedule for the Day and Expectations. Led by Tim Cheux. 08:31 -14:00 Visit to CMX Movie Theatre dinner, movie experience and hang out at Closter Plaza. Followed by Optional Cycle Bar Class, Orange Theory Fitness Class or Whole Foods, Starbucks and Retail group hang out time with shopping. Travel back to CCHP. Led by Tim Cheux