Free & Fit Summer Camp - Love & Joy - Monday 9th July - by Jenn Santiago

Free & Fit Summer Camp - Love & Joy - Monday 9th July - by Jenn Santiago

It was such an honor to be a part of the Youth Project and be present on Monday 9th July for Summer Camp. The day consisted of fun games and activities like frisbee, tie dying, volleyball, and swimming in the pool.  

The Youth all appeared very excited and quickly built relationships with one another. One of my favorite activities was the T-shirt tie dye. It gave them the opportunity to try different colors, patterns, and methods. We used the sharpie marker technique and some opted to use rubber bands. Monday’s theme for camp was Love and Joy and the Colour was Red. 

The campers painted various patterns and shapes like hearts and swirls, while others drew aliens! When asked why they chose to draw an alien they shared that they love aliens and wanted to do something different and unique.  

I later reflected on that moment and the response. We are all unique human beings and many may interpret, express, and respond to love differently, yet love is a language we are all capable of communicating.  

As we came together towards the end of the day I asked them ways in which they can put love into action for the week. Some shared that they would give their mother a hug, serve each other, and that they will make the effort in being present in the moment and get to know their peers better. The day couldn’t have ended on a better note.