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Free & Fit Summer Camp - Compassion & Faithfulness - Thursday 12th June  - Codie, Ethan &amp

Free & Fit Summer Camp - Thursday 12th June - Compassion & Faithfulness - Codie, Ethan & Kai Campers Perspective Codie Buddnich At the Free and Fit Summer Camp I had a lot of fun. I met a lot of new people. We went to many places, but today I am going to talk about Storm King Art museum. I enjoyed hanging with my friends and going on the bus to Storm King. On Thursday the values for the day were faithfulness and compassion. We talked about how you can show faithfulness and compassion in and out of camp. The most exciting part of camp according to the campers was the swimming pool. Every day except Wednesday and Friday we went to the pool and we all had splash contests, played games and jumped off the diving board and swam around. I can not wait until Free & Fit Summer Camp next year. Ethan Hong My favorite sculpture of the day was when I saw the poker chips stacking up to show how the world is gambling on the worlds environment. To tell you the truth I had a pretty good day, with long walking around and having a great time talking with my friends and eating healthy and yummy foods for the day. My favorite person was Kai, Cody, my sister, and Rishobh which helped cheer me up and have a greater day for today and for my life. Kai Shelper-Ross My favorite sculpture at Storm King today was the swing sculpture. This sculpture was at least eight feet tall and made up of large triangle bars with a board hung in the middle by chains. You could sit on the board and swing back and forth. However, I felt like we were going to get banned for climbing on it. It was okay though and we got to enjoy the rest of our day. My favorite moment today was when we hung out at the pool and swam. Luckily, they didn’t have adult swim until we were leaving. My favorite person today was Cody because we had a good conversation together. Love and Blessings F& F Team. Join Tim at Free and Fit events by signing up to our events online at our website below. Free & Fit Website: Free & Fit Youtube: Facebook: Twitter&Instagram: @freeandfitnyc Email: Freedom // Fitness // Fellowship Free & Fit Challenge © Copyright 2017 Free & Fit NYC/NJ © Copyright 2017 Free & Fit London © Copyright 2017

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