Free & Fit NJ - A21 Walk for Freedom - Harrington Park New Jersey

Free & Fit NJ - A21 Walk for Freedom - Harrington Park New Jersey

On Saturday 20th October 2018 Free & Fit Youth group, in partnership with A21, orgnaized a Walk for Freedom in Harrington Park New Jersey.

It was a clear, moderately warm day without wind or rain thus creating perfect conditions to go on a short walk and raise awareness of human trafficking. A21 is an organisation co-ordinated by Pastor Christine Cane who ten years ago had a dream to start a new charity and to help abolish slavery through walking around different cities, in different countries and raising awareness of the global sex trafficking industry.

In her own words on the morning of Saturday 20th October Christine Caine had this to say about the Walk for Freedom, which is now a global movement.

"What started as a dream 10 years ago, is now unfolding before my eyes. Tens of thousands of people are walking to eradicate slavery in over 450 places around the world. Just a few hours ago, #WalkForFreedom kicked off in my home country of Australia and is now rapidly making its way across every single continent.

It is truly amazing to see lines of abolitionists fighting for freedom in major cities and rural villages. This is why we walk. To see slavery abolished in the places we call home. In our cities, nations, and world. I truly believe that every flyer we hand out, every poster we carry, and every step that we take has the power to abolish slavery. Step by step, city by city, we are taking some serious ground."

Christine Caine, A21, is an Australian activist, evangelist, author, and international speaker. Caine and her husband, Nick, are best known for founding The A21 Campaign in 2008, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization that combats human trafficking. (Wikipedia).

So why Harrington Park? Whilst visiting London this summer I had an opportunity to serve on team at the Hillsong European Conference with some wonderful people from around the world who are impacting their local communities through social justice.

As a Social Justice Serving Team we were able to learn, support and encourage one another and our delegates to support ministries such as Compassion International, Greenlight, Refugee Response, Medair, Watoto and of course A21. Currently I serve as a Youth Director in Harrington Park, Norwood and Old Tappan where such a walk and work is not currently happening.

During my research and preparation for the walk I came across the New Jersey Coalition against Human Trafficking