Free & Fit NYC - Atlantic City Marathon 2018 - 26.2 Miles ran by Tim Cheux

Free & Fit NYC - Atlantic City Marathon 2018 - 26.2 Miles ran by Tim Cheux

Start of the Atlantic City Marathon, 2018

It is over two years ago, on Sunday May 2nd 2016 in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK, since I last ran twenty six point two miles (a full marathon). In preparation for this Marathon, in 2016, I had ran the Cambridge off road Marathon in March and had trained up to, and including, the distance of a half marathon, thirteen point one miles, in late April of that year. However, having trained for five previous marathons I had been more prepared with up to, and including, twenty one miles of training, previously and with just a half marathon this was clearly insufficient training and led to my finishing time and my body both not being in the position I wanted to be in at the end of it. Suffice to say that it truly is a marathon and not a sprint.

Finishing Line in the MK Stadium

Unfortunately, as I said before, this simply was not enough training and I vouched that I would not run another marathon without training properly. The recovery from the Milton Keynes marathon took me over six months due to my limited training in preparation. It is essential, I have learnt, to complete up to twenty one miles in distance before running a marathon. No further and no less. In context I was nineteen minutes off my personal best of three hours and fifteen minutes when I ran Milton Keynes. My previous personal best was three hours and fifteen minutes at Liverpool Marathon in 2015. The Milton Keynes marathon was both a huge disappointment to me personally and it was also very irresponsible of me to not prepare correctly. As a result my time reflected my lack of training and lack of effort to apply myself properly.

Finishing Time at the Milton Keynes Marathon 2016 3 hours 34 minutes.

This October in 2018 I knew I was entering the Atlantic City Marathon with enough notice and time to prepare accordingly. Despite a busy schedule I prepared up to twenty one miles in my training plan and even managed to run a competitive eighteen mile run before the Atlantic City Marathon. In fact, through the rigorous Lenten meditations and workouts I had completed earlier in the year I had lost 16 pounds in the Spring through an increased strength and conditioning program. This preparation, in line with an intense steady pyramid running training plan, I was able to be much fitter than I had been in preparation for the Marathon of May 2016 when I was preparing for the Milton Keynes full marathon.

In the midst of the Atlantic City Marathon 2018

Accompanied by my beautiful wife Liza Cu