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F&F Youth Update - Puerto Rico, Jersey Cares and Hoboken Shelter Food Collection - by Tim Cheux

F&F Youth Update - Puerto Rico, Jersey Cares and Hoboken Shelter Food Collection - by Tim Cheux

Recently the Free & Fit Youth project has been involved in a number of outreach and missional activities including the Christmas Live Nativity in Harrington Park.

Free & Fit founder Tim Cheux narrating at the recent LIve Christmas Nativity on Saturday 15th December 2018. 

Over the past three months theFree & Fit youth leaders and members have met together twice a month to study Gods word. Thanks to your generous support we have been able to add mission based events including a trip to Puerto Rico with the the Presbyterian Disaster Alliance, Presbyterian Church in Norwood and Free & Fit New York City. 

Free & Fit NYC, NJ, Presbyterian Church of Norwood and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance on the front page of the Suburbanite

As part of the trip to Puerto Rico Liza and Tim went travelling, with Youth Member Lacy Bibb, to redecorate and support a volunteer aid project in the residential area of San Jose, Puerto Rico. Over a long weekend, as part of a full week effort, we repainted and redecorated parts of the Churches main building and multi-site community buildings. One building will be used as a local free laundromat and the other building will be an open accommodation centre with renewable energy.

We also collected food for the Homeless Shelter in Hoboken and Coats for the New Jersey Cares winter collection for the homeless. As part of our project Tim dropped off the coats at Libery State Park and the food at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.

Tim with Hoboken Shelter staff member James presenting the food just before the Christmas rush on Friday 21st December 2018.

Finally, throughout October, November and December the youth group met to study the Bible Project and learn more about the word of God. In the New Year we plan on launching a brand new Worshipping Community with Movie based events, Prayer Gatherings and Sunday Alpha Sessions.

Recent youth event visiting the AMC Pallisades Mall watching the Premier of Mary Poppins Returns on Wednesday 19th December 2018

Please consider giving and supporting our work as we build for 2019. Our end of 2018 fundraising campaign includes our fundraising target of $1,900 by December 2018. If you can support us please consider, through prayer and discernment, if you are able to donate towards our fundraising campaign.

Donate here: 

We pray that we can continue our work in the New Year through further volunteer and missionary activities with your support.

Love and Blessings F&F Team

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