Free & Fit Challenge 2019 - Psalms, Planks & Prayers- 40 Days & 40 Workouts

Free & Fit Challenge 2019 - Psalms, Planks & Prayers- 40 Days &

40 Workouts - by Tim Cheux

The Free & Fit 40 Days & 40 Workouts Returns for the Lenten season with Psalms, Planks & Prayers throughout this Lenten season in 2019. Join Free & Fit founder Tim Cheux for the Psalms, Planks and Prayers daily, on Instagram, which will include a verse a day that will be read through the Passion Translation.

Last year Tim completed the 40 Days and 40 Workout Challenge following the Beatitudes from the sermon on the Mount and Matthew 5 verses 1 through 13. You can see parts of Tim's Lenten series 2018 here in the link and details below.

Free & Fit Challenge the Beatitudes -

Free & Fit 40 Days & 40 Workout Example 2018 -

Throughout this Lenten season Tim will also be sharing the full workout and worship session on YouTube with Exercises, Meditations and Reflections all available by following the Free and Fit New York City YouTube Channel.

Free & Fit 40 Days and 40 Workouts Day 1, Psalm 1:

Free & Fit 40 days & 40 Workouts Psalm, Plank & Prayer Day 1 Psalm 1:

The core concept of combining Sport and Scripture is to enable the body to benefit from the environment of working out outside, whilst meditating and reflecting upon the word of God which both stimulates and informs the individual during the spiritual practice of prayer and meditation. Unlike Yoga or Pilates, the practice and discipline of Worship and Workout is different as it penetrates both the soul and Spirit from a purely Christian practice.

Rather than stretching or focusing on a different faith, culture, tradition or religion the practice of stretching, working out, worshipping, reciting scripture and meditating on the Word of God is exclusively Christian. During this process Tim recites the Lord prayer in the warm up to his exercise; he reads the verse, recites the passage reference and a closing prayer both in the workout and the Psalm, Plank and Prayer.

The Passion Translation was chosen specifically as it enables more access to the Holy Spirit through the flowing endorphins of exercise, perspiration of the sport itself and the fresh and fluid poetic description of scripture offered through this modern and romantic translation.

Every day Tim practices warming up reciting five verses which include Psalm 13:5, Galatians 5:22-23, 2 Corinthians 3:17, Galatians 5:1a and 2 Timothy 1:7. These verses are then followed by the daily reading which includes the Psalm of the Day and one selected verse carefully chosen by Tim