Free & Fit NYC, London & Youth - Academic Year 2018 -2019 in Review - Interview with Founder

Free & Fit NYC, London & Youth - Academic Year 2018 -2019 in Review - by Founder Tim Cheux

Share the Miracle Campaign at Closter Plaza 

Where were you at the start of the academic year personally in Ministry?

Similar to other seasons this past Fall I was coaching soccer in New Jersey across Middle School and Senior High youth level. Alongside my role as a Youth Director in New Jersey this year saw me start as a first year student on the Masters of Divinity program at General Theological Seminary in New York City. 

Spiritual Direction class at General Theological Seminary in New York City

What have you achieved this past year?

As part of my vocational studies and formation this past year I have been able to learn about the relationship between Sport & Spirituality and the benefits of reciting scripture, whilst embracing spiritual practices through meditation and playing or participating in Sport. This led to a 40 Day Lenten Study whilst Planking, Praying and Reciting Psalms through Sport and Spirituality plus new Workout & Worship Sessions in New York City.

Psalm, Planks and Prayers as part of a Lenten Study on Scripture, Reason & Tradition

The Psalms, Planks and Prayers study originates from the writing of Richard Hooker the Anglican theologian who taught about Scripture, Reason and Tradition. However, through further reading the practice of Spiritual Experiences from Charles Wesley led me to explore scripture with reason, tradition and a sports experience. This led to a further study on Worship and Workout practices. 

 Workout & Worship Session in New York City

Finally, as part of my seminary education I have had various speaking engagements as a Seminarian, Youth and Campus Pastor in the wider New York City Metro Area.