Free & Fit Summer Camp - Monday 8th July - Adapted  reflection of Rishabh Singh

Free & Fit Summer Camp - Monday 8th July - Adapted reflection of Rishabh Singh

A short adapted reflection from our Free & Fit Summer Camp focusing on our camps core values and what they mean to our youth and their families. This reflection is adapted from our Free & Fit member and camper Rishabh Singh.

“On Monday we had a very exciting and fun day at Camp. First of all we started by meeting at the church in Harrington Park. We talked about the lessons of the day which were love, joy, peace, and patience taken from Galatians 5 and the Fruit of the Spirit. We talked about what it means to demonstrate and to have those traits as people and how we can experience them daily. After this we went to the George Washington Headquarters in Tappan, New York for a tour of the museum and to explore the town. 

After this we went back to the church in Harrington Park and talked about how our parents would experience today's values and more specifically their individual feelings towards and during Christmas dinner.