Free & Fit NJ - Atlantic City Marathon 2019 - Run & Blog by Timothy Cheux

Free & Fit NJ - Atlantic City Marathon 2019 - Run & Blog by Timothy Cheux

This October I had the blessing and privilege of running the Atlantic City marathon for the second time. Despite the changing schedule, demanding school deadlines and various obligations I had at the time I love to find a ryhtm, routine and to follow patterns, pathways and defined outcomes. The process of training for a marathon allows all of these things to happen. The 26.2 mile training season encompasses everything that a plan, focus and training require. The target was a personal best and qualification for the Boston Marathon. Even better a sub three hour marathon, but the Lord leads our steps and directs our paths.

On the eve of the day I had to eat a big meal the night before, travel to Atlantic City and complete the A21 walk for Freedom on Saturday the 19th October - all the day before the marathon. In preparation for the race I had to buy new shoes after trying my best to get my favorite Nike Air Pegasus 30, in a US size 13, I had failed to acquire my favourite and only marathon shoe. Having ran 7 marathons before this race I had always ran the marathon in this shoe.

I was in despair the month before the marathon and just 10 days before I found a steal of a deal on a discounted running shoe in the Hoboken Jack Rabbit. The shoes were not on the shop floor, the staff were not aware of any sale shoes in my size and only after my request to check the delivery did I find my shoes. They were hugely reduced from their retail price and gave me the license to believe these shoes were chosen and predestined for me to run my race and achieve my goal.

The night before I ate my traditional spaghetti bolognaise with a family style sharing plate from Bucca Di Beppo in the Ballys Hotel where we were staying and the start of the race took place. Liza and I had some left over, but I wasn't going to over eat the night before. Unfortunately, we left our leftovers in the Hotel so hopefully the cleaner cleaned out the fridge otherwise the next guests may have been in for a surprise! We loved eating in the italian restaurant, taking in the eve of the race and spending good quality time together on the build up to the day.

Usually I would start the race with my faithful friend, number one supporter and biggest love of my life, my wife, Liza. She very kindly massages me, prays with me and helps me get off the blocks well from the start, but this year it didn't happen! It changed my whole mood for the race and left me feeling somewhat empty at the start of the race when I would usually be full of steam, confidence and the thrill of the chase in the race. Thankfully she saw me along the route and helped me recover with a great water bottle, snack and shout of encouragement. What a lucky man I am, so much so that the police officer next to her told her so! Always thankful and grateful to her for her support along the route.