Free & Fit - Sports, the Arts, Outreach & Service - Outline & Services 2020

Free & Fit NYC & London 2020

Free and Fit was originally launched as a small group of friends who loved Sport and loved Jesus. Out of Holy Trinity Brompton in South Kensington, United Kingdom, in May 2013, under the stewardship of Tim Matthews, Love Church Founder, and Colby Hanks, Slice Studios Co-Founder, Tim Cheux launched Faith and Fitness with a dream of working out and worshipping together was born. The Vision of Faith and Fitness was to welcome brothers and sisters of Christ into discipleship to share God's word and to shape God's people to be more like Jesus Christ. So often people in sport seek guidance on how to balance, work, life and training in sport. The ethos of this group is to provide discipleship for people who participate in sports, from levels of all abilities, to be able to speak freely about their faith and fitness in a fellowship group.

The group met fortnightly to read a small passage from the bible, to listen to a talk, participate in sport and discuss the issues raised from the talk. The main emphasis will be instead of eating dinner, like in a normal small group, we will take part in a sporting activity. Through the idea of combining Faith, Christian Scripture teachings and prayer, and fitness, running, racquet sports and soccer, a new community was built. Now today, we are based in four different locations including West London, Shepherds Bush, South London, Kennington Park, in the UK and Chelsea New York City, the Highline Hotel, and Hoboken at the Hoboken Evangelical Free Church in the United States.