Free & Fit NYC - Visit to St Paul’s Chapel - Reflection

Free & Fit NYC - Visit to St Paul’s Chapel - Reflection - by Tim Cheux

This semester as part of my theological Education I have to visit twelve different Episcopal Churches, I will blog and share my reflections.  

On Sunday 9th February 2020 Linda Brandt, Colin Williams and Tim Chew visited the Chapel at St Paul’s of Trinity Wall Street. The Church is located directly opposite the World Trade Centre and in an idyllic location between local transport links, shops, restaurants, offices and some of the most expensive real estate in New York City. St Paul’s is possibly the oldest Church in New York and is located within very close proximity to ground zero, the infamous site of the Twin Towers from September 911. On arrival at the Church I was greeted by members of the Church, security and given a program, shown to my seats and prompted by my fellow classmates to join them. Having been a member of the midweek services, having worked on Wall Street,  for 18 months at Trinity and St Paul’s I recognized several clergies, congregants and familiar families and faces of the community.

The interior of the Church is that fitting of a Lord and Lady’s house with chandeliers, White walls, ceramic floors, gold frames, oil paintings and exquisite finishing’s and furnishings throughout the Church. The alter was elevated, with a coffin like stage, a Eucharistic table, various surrounding symbolic wall decorations, golden detail covered in religious writings and some unexplained meaning and gleaming floors with outstanding finishing’s and touches. It is perhaps too perfect for my own imperfect sports attire. I felt overwhelmingly under dressed, without a hairbrush, hat on backwards and awkwardly coloring children’s sketches and using crayons to justify my excitement at the wonder and joy created in antici