Free & Fit - First Friday April Artistic & Poetry Appreciation

Free & Fit - First Friday April Artistic & Poetry Appreciation - by Tim Cheux & Alina Sapoznikova

As we approach and enter into April we want to encourage all of our members, followers and friends to be praying for every country, person and their own nation at this time. Our very own Intern Sreya is currently battling with the virus and we dedicate her work, the image below and this Blog to her creativity, gifts and talents. We are praying for you Sreya.

For this First Friday in April we are focusing our effort and energies towards our undisputed and unprivileged part of our mission "the Arts." Thankfully I have some very gifted friends and family members who have Artistic appreciation and can contribute for us today.

Firstly, we hear from our very own Artistic London co-coordinator Alina Sapoznikova and her visit to the Gaze of Wonder at the Jesuit Centre on Mount Street in East London.

The Gaze of Wonder - Review by Alina Sapoznikova

Seminar led by Magdalen Lawer SND

'The first thing I saw was a huge icon looking at me with open eyes and reminding me that you are in the God‘s presence. I learned that icons convey the meaning rather than show emotions and emphasize the moment in history. The icon painters were supposed to start from transfiguration painting – learning to remember that when they painted they were in the hands of God.

The comments of the rest of the paintings were accompanied by our opinions and impressions and the views expressed by songwriters and images of people from Syria camp.

The speaker‘s talk was tailored to every ear: a few Bible quotes, cultural and historical background of a painted story, associations, ties with the speaker’s family and our nowadays life….

A new word – metanoia (Classical Greek μετάνοια- changing one’s mind about someone or something) I thing I had some experience of this as well.

Thank you!!!'

Well of living water

Check a few pics and a song from the event and the venue on our Instagram page here: