Free & Fit - A Service for a Sports & Spirituality Centre for Free & Fit - Anglican & UMC Liturgy

Free & Fit A Service for a Sports & Spirituality Centre for Free & Fit through a United Methodist and Anglican Context of Liturgical Service - Practice of Christian Worship Preached, Presided and Performed by Tim Cheux

Introduction to Service

During instructions and discussions for my Practice Eucharist it was suggested to me to practice my Eucharist within my own denominational context and tradition. This is always a difficult answer. In the Fall of 2018 when I started at General I was a Church of England parishioner, in the Spring of 2019 an Episcopalian and in the Fall of 2019 exploring Methodism. Throughout, this time my wife and I have been attending a non-denominational Church Hillsong Church in London and, since August 2016, Hillsong New York City. Note-ably, I was Baptized at Hillsong in 2019 with adult full immersion Baptism.

Currently, my Field Education placement is at Hillsong New Jersey, and I will be completing my “Wisdom Year“ at Hillsong New York City this coming Fall. In this vein, I wanted to include a mixture of Anglican & UMC liturgy with Hillsong Worship music. Outside these experiences in my own faith journey I am currently working on an internship at a PCUSA member led non-denominational Church and I work for another congregation where I am exploring the possibility of ordination within the United Methodist Church. With that all said my only experience of preparing a UMC service has been to Preach, guest Preach, a Lay reader from a text from the Book of Worship and to write up the order of Service for my wife and I at our wedding. This has all been happening since when I first preached in September or October of 2019 in a United Methodist context.

Therefore, I would like to imagine my Practice Eucharist is for my new Retreat centre for my personal Sports and Arts Ministry Centre “Free & Fit.” As a result, I believe this worshipping community maybe non-denominational in legal terms, but if represented by my wife and I we would “borrow'' different traditions worship styles and not strictly follow their said denominational doctrine and religious postures, but would look to honor both the Episcopal and United Methodist traditional shared sacramental services. My hope is this service captures Hooker's “three legged stool” of Scripture, Reason, Tradition and Wesley’s Experience model. This is my liturgical theological perspective on this specific Church Ground Breaking Free & Fit Sports and Spirituality Service.

With that all being said I wanted to honor my pursuit of ordination, the relevance of following a denominational liturgical service and so I worked on, with the help of my local United Methodist Pastor, a UMC service to select the most relevant service choices for opening a Sports & Spirituality Centre. Firstly, where to find the Great Thanksgiving response. My Pastor helped me to identify where to find this selected service in the UMC Book of Worship, where to look in terms of page references for confession and where to place Holy Communion within the service. Much of the resources used to develop this service refer to the UMC Book of Worship, but I have also tried to incorporate some of the Book of Common Prayer where possible and it seems possible to do so. This, I hope, goes someway into proving that the United Methodist Churches liturgical rights and rules can incorporate their more traditional Anglican Episcopalian Brothers and Sisters. It is my prayer that this liturgy may be a sign to endorse eccumenical services within both denominational Churches in the future across the UMC and the TEC which will hopefully help build a positive liturgical relationship for both denominations.

The Choice of Readers & Crucifer

It was a difficult concept for me to understand if I needed a Crucifer for my service. This was considered as being significant as it was to consecrate a Christian Retreat Centre. What this type of approach means liturgically, at least what I think it means, is that the Church (UMC and TEC) refers to as “Breaking Ground”. I understand this to mean that an Alter, Congregation, Holy Communion and Holy Sacraments would be shared here. Unlike the Anglican or Episcopal Church, the United Methodist Church only believes in two main essential sacred sacraments; Baptism and Holy Communion. Both would be performed at the Free & Fit Spirituality & Sports centre and potentially other sacred religious services. Therefore, having a Crucifer signifies the importance of having a Breaking of Ground, as well as a Breaking of Bread and Wine.

The Choice of Liturgical Service

The choice of liturgical service was recommended to me by the Pastor of our Church, the Westwood United Methodist Church. Three different services were mentioned in the “alternative” sections guide of the Book of Common Worship (UMC equivalent of the BCP) for breaking ground in a Church Building. Also, there were notable alternatives to a Holy Communion Prayer and Confession of Sins Prayer which I now have formed and