Free & Fit Advent: Daily Devotional by Tim Cheux

Free & Fit Advent: Daily Devotional by Tim Cheux

Invitation for Advent Devotion with Daily Five Minute Faith, Fitness & Formation Videos!!!

Starting on the 1st December we will be starting a new daily devotion and daily workout series. If you want to join us we will be posting daily in our whatsapp group. Join us here:

Hey Everyone! We are relaunching our Outreach team and wandered if you wanted to help. This winter we wanted to join the New Jersey Cares team to collect winter coats. Plus to produce daily devotionals for our community.

Details of the NJ Cares drive is here:

Plus our Devotions here:

Details of Advent Daily Devotion & Workout are now live on Youtube, our Website & Social Media.

Please also note we want to produce an app to support our 12-part new Faith & fitness inteinned curriculum. All help, support and advice appreciated!

Daily Devotions throughout Advent details for you:




Today is Advent Sunday and find today’s first Advent Devotional available with workout based on Isaiah 9:6.