Free & Fit - Building Community Virtually to the Broken and the Lost

Free & Fit - Building Community Virtually to the Broken and the Lost

Whether you are a clergy person, health professional or grocery store worker the question about whether or not God is with us through this Corona Virus continues to disturb us as believers of Jesus Christ. Recently in discussions with a friend we spoke about the Spanish Influenza flu and how the pandemic of that era has been attributed to the decline in Church attendance amongst those living in Europe of that time. With a loss of life and a loss of faith. So how can we, as the Church respond? After all, we, that is you and I, as confessing believers of Jesus Christ are the Church! 

Throughout my time in ministry I have found my self speaking, praying and working with a whole host of different people and faith traditions or backgrounds. Every time I have encountered peoples of all ages seeking answers to authentic and unique questions about faith. Whether they came to me through the various Alpha courses I have been involved in, or working with Youth in South London, or members of Young Adults Liza and I ministered to through First Friday, or through my time working with K-12 School New York City Urban School age, Suburban High School students or NYU and TNS University college groups in the New York City metro area everyone had growing concerns or questions that remain unanswered about God.

In the midst of becoming under employed I have found myself throwing myself into launching Free & Fit and answering questions about what we do and how we can support Businesses, Churches, Non-profit charities, the Lost, the Broken and the hurting. This past week we have been working with the Jefferson coffee shop to help get the Hoboken Homeless Shelter some PPE masks and to the frontline Police force in Westwood New Jersey where I am an Outreach Director. In addition, we continue to meet with Individuals for Group and Spiritual Coaching, Live Online Workouts, Daily Devotionals, Testimonies, Weekly Words of Encouragement, Daily Movement & Meditations plus studying Full time at General Seminary on my Mdiv program and part time at the Global School of Supernatural Ministries. Its a heavy workload, but richly rewarding that we get to preach the Gospel in new and innovative ways.

We are really starting to connect the dots with the essential work we are doing in Ministering to people through Sports and Spirituality group and individual coaching, group Exercise classes, prayer and pastoral support and various engaging Zoom calls! So today we are seeking your support in one of three ways. 

Firstly, through prayer, please pray for our 501C3 application and bylaws, our Patreon site for Patrons and collaborators, for volunteers, for a Co-founder and for all of our health, the cure and the complete eradication of the Corona Virus in Jesus name. 

Secondly, for the launch of our Patreon page and discounted membership for individuals to sign up to join our online community. Which is now live and we really would love you to prayerfully consider becoming a member or Patron.

As we all navigate through uncertain times Free & Fit prepares to launch in the most unusual circumstances. We have found ourselves to be best placed on the wonderful Patreon platform and would be honored if you would consider partnering with us to build community through Sports, the Arts, Outreach and Service. We are now doing this online and are offering free trial sessions plus discounted monthly membership. 

Check out our desktop website for more details on how to become a member:

Finally, we would love you to consider hiring us as freelance Sport & Spiritual consultants for your congregants. We would love to partner with you in serving your congregants in offering group and / or individual Sport & Spirituality Coaching, Retreats, After School programs or Church Missional related outreach and service based collaboration projects.