Free & Fit - Church Beyond the Wall - Site Study - My Hoboken Neighborhood

Free & Fit - Church Beyond the Wall - Site Study - My Hoboken Neighborhood

Chosen Context - Neighbourhood Area including Parishes of Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran and Episcopal tradition (Eccumenical Context)

Context Setting - My Experience and Neighbourhood

My chosen case study is in an area near to four Churches along my local high street, close to my house on Washington Street and 6th, in the City of Hoboken New Jersey. Hoboken is very close to New York City. As part of my seminary career, and in context to my personal related experiences to this neighborhood, I have had the opportunity to work at a Lutheran Church as a Children's Education Director, to work for an Episcopal Church as a Youth Director and Preacher at a First Year Seminarian and also preach at two Baptist Churches as a guest preacher in Clifton Forge, Virginia and Madison, New Hampshire. All in similar settings to City-locations like Hoboken, New Jersey.

Currently, I am at an Epsicopal seminary studying in my final year (4/4 years) as a commuter and working in bi-vocational ministry as someone who coaches tennis part time for 5-10 hours a week, works for Hillsong NYC 20 hours a week as part of my wisdom year at seminary, studies 12 (plus auditing 4 more) credits at General seminary and runs the Free & Fit NYC chapter in the North Eastern part of the United States.

As part of our work at Free & Fit NYC we have historically partnered with local Churches and ministries including the Hoboken Homeless Shelter, Mile Square Church, the Alpha course, Hoboken coworking spaces, Jefferson Coffee, O Bagel, Stevens Christian Fellowship, BWE, Hoboken Evangelical Free Church, Lunchtime Ministries, the Hoboken Housing Authority and Free & Fit’s shared relationship through my work with Westwood United Methodist Church, New Jersey and our Connect Group members at Hillsong NYC and City Hope.

Assignment Context - Parochial Church

For the purposes of this assignment, to reign my focus in, I am going to focus on the Parochial context of missional and evangelism opportunities for the Hoboken Episcopal Church on 7th and Washington called All Saints and the Lutheran Church on 8th and Washington called Saint Matthews. These two Churches share spaces, share missional activities including inter-faith services, seasonal Church celebrations such as Christmas and Easter, support All Saints Episcopal Day School, the Hoboken Homeless Shelter and Lunchtime Ministries.

My own context and application will be through my role as a practitioner as a Wisdom Year missionary student serving inthe local community for our Church Hillsong New York City aspart of our Hudson County Connect group and Project Manager of Free and Fit New York City. In context, Free & Fit’s mission is to build community through Sports, the Arts, Outreach and Service. This will become more relevant as we explore the local Parish. Again, this Parish focus comes from my own background, tradition and experience of being a Wesleyian Anglican from a Church of England parochial childhood.

Questions: What do you notice about the Church’srelationship with the surrounding community?

My neighbourhood walks have included investigating the local Churches relationship with its supporting infrastructure for the Homeless, Less Able and those in crisis. Essentially theoutreach, missional work and Bible study groups to itsneighbours.

Both St Matthews and All Saints offer support, resource and volunteers to other local ministries to build an excellent community outreach to the City through networking and supportin