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Free & Fit - Hope in Uncertainty - by Tim Cheux

Free & Fit - Hope in Uncertainty - by Tim Cheux

Queens Park Rangers Home Stadium

London Derby. Two Big Teams. South and West London represented. International Team Captains. Physical and Strong Star Players. From Africa to Norway to Australia to the USA on display. Tradition and Culture and of course Goals, Goals and more GOALS!

Okay….so maybe QPR against Millwall were not the two teams you thought I was thinking about, but last Wednesday, when the other West London minnows were progressing in the Champions League, some real Championship football was happening. Yes, sorry Chelsea fans, West London still belongs to QPR!

After the first half QPR found themselves 2-0 down, without much hope of a reprieve. This was a typical QPR performance in the first half which has defined their Championship mediocracy for the last four years. Oftentimes since their relegation from the Premier League, in 2015, QPR have gone on runs of seven games without a loss, and then, immediately afterwards, seven games without a win. Literally a tail of two completely different teams. Wednesday night was no different.

After being at fault for the first goal, and having been lucky not to give away two penalties in his last outing, Jordy De Wijs would take centre stage. Charlie Austin returning to QPR in outstanding goalscoring form brought hope at 2-1 after 51 minutes and Norweigan captain Stefan Johansen snatched the equalizer to bring QPR on level terms. Then just when you think the game would end in a draw, QPR’s big strong ox of a defender, on loan from Hull City, Jordy De Wijs stepped up to save the day. More to follow about this!

Questions to Ponder.....

What have you done historically at half time when your team has gone two, three or even four goals down?

Where did you place your hope, your faith or your trust?

Did you leave the ground and head to the car park or did you hang around and hope for a better second half performance?

These are all questions, scenarios and images we have seen. Especially when teams are losing by a big margin. Usually, it signals at a familiar site at half time when a teams fans have left the ground early to chants of “cheerio”, “we can't hear a hyena sing” or “it's all gone quiet over there.” Millwall fans, if they were allowed in the stadium, I am sure would be singing to QPR fans!

In Psalm 121, we can hear of a hope at half-time which wouldn't make sense to many QPR fans. The Psalmist begins with a similar soul searching question to a supporter of a team with a pending defeat.

The Psalmist cries out…..“I lift up my eyes to the hills— from where will my help come? (Psalm 121:1)

Yet, despite despair and disaster the Psalmist is assured of a hope not yet seen, a truth not yet revealed and a faith which does not waiver.

The Psalmist responds “My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth (Psalm 121:2). Hope in uncertain circumstances.

Questions to Ponder.....

Where is your hope right now?

Do you feel lost like so many QPR fans at half-time on Wednesday?

Do you know this hope that to which the Psalmist refers?

It helps us to know that we have hope for humanity through the Son of God. As we approach Easter we are reminded that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. We can always return ever so gently to the resurrection and to the promise made to humanity through the Cross. In his words, poet John Morris, lets us contemplate, pause and silently meditate on the Cross.

True justice would have set Him free,

No crime or sin in Him was found.

Freely He went to Calvary

Only by cords of love was bound.

Hold back your vast angelic host

This Christ has come to save the lost

In closing our Blog today I would like to allow this opportunity for us to say a prayer together. It's perhaps not natural for you, perhaps it's not necessarily even essential to say it aloud and it's definitely not tradition for some, but while I am here you can at least copy me. So if you want, today you can accept a new hope, a new faith and a new love for which you can entrust your future.

Today you can make a new start. A fresh start. Its simple; if you believe in your heart that Jesus died, was resurrected and sacrificed for all believers, like you and me, you can have hope for the future. Many people have said a prayer like this throughout time and history. This prayer was for them and this prayer is also for you. You can say it silently in your heart, aloud after me or just agree by acknowledging in mind or word by declaring in agreement with me by saying “in Jesus name. Amen.”

Sacrificial and Gracious Jesus, bring us out of the depths of our flesh, restore our consciousness and release us into divine communion and intimate fellowship with your Holy Spirit as we pray in agreement that you died, raised us with you into eternal life and prepared a mansion for us with God in heaven. In your name we pray. Amen.

Love & Blessings F&F Team

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