Free & Fit NYC - Faith & Fitness as One - Independent Study by Tim Cheux

The General Theological Seminary 2022

Timothy Chew

Dr. Michael Battle

Independent Study –

Faith and Fitness as One

Executive Summary

Faith, in the Christian context is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12) when practiced, preached, and persistently shared it can be alive, living, and lively the way the Apostle Paul intended. The Christian faith is not a sprint, but a marathon, which takes courage, boldness, and strength to live out. The concepts of physical fitness and spiritual fitness are compared in the Bible (1 Timothy 4:7-8) and the new Faith and Fitness as One spiritual curriculum provides the perfect opportunity to explore new ways to pioneer to which this action research paper is formed. The Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy describes that both faith and spiritual fitness are of some value and when practiced together can be of infinite value.

This research paper measures fresh and new expressions of both historical religious prayers and modern-day sports and spiritual practices. The disciplines of a sports athlete or fitness professional can help that of a Christian to unite their faith and fitness to form one unique spiritual practice. As part of keeping the research authentic and unique participants and small groups were selected in London, New York, and New Jersey across different denominations, Churches and Ministries. With further research possible in different parts of the UK, Europe, and US the research collated in this paper is also unique because it looks at different urban and suburban areas of the world. This pilot curriculum begins to explore how the endorphins, adrenaline and perspiration of sport and fitness participation alongside studying the Bible can open up communities across the UK and the US to help a Christian believer in the West to open their whole self, spiritually, physically, socially, and mentally, to the works of the Holy Spirit whilst moving and meditating on God's word.


I would like to thank Registrar Stacey Warring, Professor Emily Wachner, Mother April Stace, Dean Michael Delashmett and Doctor Michael Battle for the willingness, patience, and perseverance to drive him forward to the completion of his Master of Divinity. Also, to those who have helped me along the way including Paul and Lynne Cucco, Sarah, Margaret and Michael Chew, Katie Eades, Julie Faith Parker, Anne Silver, Clair McPherson, Dawn Stegelmann, Deborah Lee, Barbara Crafton, Katie Libous, Brad Bloom, Matt Bartgis, Frank Reynoso, George McGovern, Greg Linville, Nav Merghan, Wayne Jones, Bonnie Harley, Dani and Chrishan Jeyaratnum, Tolu Badders, Brenda Thorn and many more that are not mentioned here!

A special shout out to the most patient, kind, loving, intelligent, beautiful, and creative lady in the world Elizabeth Anne Cucco this research is only possible because of your sacrifice, breadwinning and stable counsel that this was all achievable! Thank you, Liza, I love you!