Free & Fit - Scripture & Stretching - A Contemplative Sport & Spirituality Practice - by Tim Cheux

A Final Paper Reflection for a Class at General Seminary Upon the Augsburg Book Publication “Stretch & Pray - A Daily Discipline for Physical and Spiritual Wellness.”

In order to develop a full understanding of how I came to using Sport and Scripture it is

important to set the context of how I became familiar with the concept of stretching and praying. Please note all instructions, moves and physical exercises are intended for the author and are suggestions for inspiration to create workouts and worship sessions of your own.

Each individual person is created uniquely in the image of God. All persons are encouraged to speak to their Doctor, Physician or Physical Trainer or Instructor before willing voluntarily to take part and the author takes no liability for any person who attempts to voluntarily undertake any such movement. Please refer to our terms and conditions here for more information from our Youtube Channel.