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Free & Fit Summer Camp - Goes Online & Virtual! Blog Post by Tim Cheux

Free & Fit Summer Camp

We cant believe its done!!! Free & Fit Summer Camp is a monumental achievement given the current circumstances and covid season we are in. The camp features five themes and welcomes all people of all ages and backgrounds to join us.

The Free & Fit Camp is a virtual program which focuses on our core mission of building community through Sports, the Arts, Outreach & Service.

What does the Camp include?

**A focus on one of our partner charities including A21, Compassion, Hoboken Homeless Shelter, Share the Miracle, Prison Fellowship and the Centre for Food Action

** A focus on coaching of a specific sport including soccer, tennis, swimming, running and working out.

** A focus on one of the Arts including Music, Coloring, Theatre, Film and Poetry

** A focus on Outreach & Service including Plogging, Walking for Human Trafficking, Running for Prison Reform, Easter & Thanksgiving Share the Miracle campaigns, Gardening for the Centre for Food Action and now the Gift of Generosity and Paying it forward!!!

** A word of Encouragement focusing on Gods word and the spiritual gifts we have been given in 1 Corinthians 12.

Please Download the videos, enjoy the message, join us everyday from our live recordings to take part in our mission and dont have to be a specific age we just want to take part!!!

Prayers & Blessings Tim

Sign up here at for one to one or group sports and spirituality sessions.

Love and Blessings F& F Team.

Join Tim at Free and Fit events by signing up to our events online at our website below.

Free & Fit Website:

Free & Fit Youtube:


Twitter&Instagram: @freeandfitnyc


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