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At Free & Fit we want to help you build healthy Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social well being practices.

Sign up today for an appointment via the link below to start your own Free & Fit Challenge and become a member in one of our groups by RSVP to an event below!

  • Free & Fit NJ - Worship & Workout - Live on Instagram
    Tue, May 10
    As part of our exploration into creating a Worship and Workout community we would love to invite you to our Worship and Workout session with live FB live and online recording! RSVP to the link This week we will be live at 6:00pm on @freeandfitnyc live from the Westside in New York City!
  • Free & Fit Mid-Week - Lunch Time Prayer - Movement & Meditation
    Mon, May 09
    Facebook Live
    During the week on Monday we will be hosting a Lunch Time Prayer at 1:15pm with a movement and meditation to get you into the preparation Physically, Spiritually, Socially and Mentally. Join us Live on Instagram via @freeandfitnyc
  • Free & Fit - Morning Prayer - Sunday Stretch & Scripture
    Sun, May 08
    Facebook Live
    Morning Prayer will include a stretch and scripture on Sunday online each week. Remember to please bring your Bible, Mat, Water Bottle and Join us for a Stretch & Scripture Session. This Sundays it will happen Live on Instagram @freeandfitnyc in Reading Mass!


Free & Fit builds community through Sports, the Arts, Outreach and Service.

We do this through three core components;


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