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Introducing Free & Fit

The mission of Free & Fit is to share the love of Jesus by building community through Sports, the Arts, Outreach and Service.


Whether you are new to faith or fitness, wanting to learn a new sport, connect with new friends or want to volunteer in a local project we seek to provide one to one spiritual care or sports coaching with you online or in person.

Fitness Class
Tennis Class
Image by Daniel Weiss
Image by Chad Greiter

About Us

The Vision of Free & Fit is to serve in third spaces to care for the City of Charlotte through sports coaching, local community projects and a variety of part time chaplaincy residencies.

We seek to reduce loneliness through local community dinners once a month on the First Friday of the month, our run club "The Final Third" and our outreach initiatives through collaboration with local businesses.

You can find out more about these events and more by booking an appointment with our founder and Charlotte Project Manager TJ (Tim) Cheux.

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