Free & Fit Projects

Building Community through Sports, the Arts, Outreach and Service.

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    After School Programs

    Free & Fit After school programs are open to all K-12 students and are available online through our Free & Fit Challenge curriculum, in person or live virtually through video classes.

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    Community Groups

    Free & Fit Community groups bring peope together around a common interest to reduce loneliness, meet new people and to develop authentic relationships.

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    Group Coaching

    Free & Fit group coaching helps teams of beginner to elite sports and spiritual themed communities to grow in both their faith and their fitness.

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    Solo Coaching

    Free & Fit Solo Coaching helps individuals to overcome their fears and to achieve personal goals through sports, education and spiritual coaching.

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    Summer Camps

    Free and Fit Summer camps build communities for a lkifetime through Sports, the Arts, Social Justice and Service for all youth and young adult age groups.

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    Weekend Retreats

    Free & Fit retreats help you to escape the city, build deep and meaningful relationships and to restore yourself in creation.


UK Free & Fit London

St Marks Church Kennington

337 Kennington Park Rd, London SE11 4PW
Telephone: +447838760928


United Kingdom



US Free & Fit New York City

Westwood United Methodist Church, 105 Fairfield Avenue, Westwood,

New Jersey. 07640.

Telephone: +1-201-774-4133

New York

United States



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