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F&F London at Kingdom Come HTB


From our Free & Fit London member and true friend Jedidah Agw. Sharing her story and experience at Kingdom Come at HTB in London. 

You know that feeling we all have at the beginning of the year? Its been nicknamed the January blues, if you ask me, this month should be turned into a pro-xmas resting holiday. What I tend to do during this period is – search activities that hike up my morale and energy spiritually and physical.

It has been one year since returning to church and worship, and I remembered an event I popped into half way through at HTB church; thanks to a lovely individual I met that year. The event was- KINGDOM COME. Straight away, I knew, this is, the event! the feeling! I want to experience again especially in this period.

You guessed it, yes - I searched for the next event and there it was- 23rd January 2018, like it was meant to be. This time I was there, as the doors opened. Hurried straight upstairs, just like I did last time and you know what? That rush of feeling went through me, just like last time - positively overwhelming, warm, exciting feeling. From up here, it was almost like an aerial view of the band, speaker, and other worshipers dancing to their hearts content. Reminded me of a mini concert.

The event was two hours of beautiful, uplifting prayers, talks; and did I mention the music which I could not stop dancing to? They played two of my favourite and beautiful songs that always leave me very emotional. Kingdom Come is such an exciting experience. I do not think I will miss another. What a spiritual healing and booster. 

For more details about Kingdom Come please check out their website Kingdom Come

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